Tinderbox 3.6(.1)


Oh YAY! I finally got around to upgrading my trusty copy of Tinderbox! And what a leap it is. I went from v2.4 directly to 3.6.1. So now I will first need to see if all the old stuff still behaves as it did. Need to see if there have been changes that might break my website etc. So far it seems glitch free. And THEN will I so dive into the new features. I am already enjoying the new test window layout that has a buch of useful controls to the left. Like the quick attribute access, grouped logically (User, Text, etc). I had set up my prototypes to display KeyAttributes I use a lot before, and this habdy display will definetly reduce a lot of that.

Ok, I shall now save and make a full export. If you read this, all went well :)

Update: Ohm uhm. Now that was easy. Zero changes, all still working as before. Almost disappointing in it's uneventfulness. We are so used to fixing minor and major upgrade hassles... it's almost a downer if it JUST WORKS. To think I was postponing to atually USE the update for more than a week after I got it (no time to fix glitches now)... Oh wow. "Na, das war ja einfach"


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