OpenID 2.0 has been proposed for some time now. Most of the action has moved to the Heraldry project, whichn is currently in the Incubator phase at the Apache Foundation. The PHP libs in the SVN there are the JanRain Inc ones, which seem to be at the OpenID 1.1 state. OPenID 2.0 is not fully agreed on as a spec, so there is little actual code to be found. As some might know Sxip already had some of the more interesting features of the OpenID 2.0 spec implemented. Most noteable what is referred to as "Attribute Exchange" now. There was said to already be code written by Sxip devs that would implement that part of OpenID 2.0... now THAT would be very useful, but it hasn't seemed to have made it into Heraldry.

Poking around again just today, looksee what was found: Whobar.org:

"Whobar makes it easy for users to register and login to a website using their choice of emerging identity protocols such as InfoCard, i-names, and OpenID."

There we go. And it's PHP5 too. Well it is OPen Source, in the GPL sense. and I wonder why they are hosting the SVN on GoogleCode?

The integration with web-apps is actually nicely done and quite flexible. Basically you run whobar as a auth-proxy. You have a form in your app that goes through your whobar instance, which returns results to a whobar-handler script... see here: INTEGRATION

I liked the Sxip 2.0 code a lot, so this does look interesting...


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