getting rid of small annoyances


...can have dramatic effects on productivity...

I was happily writing away in Tinderbox, only the publishing process was keeping me from getting thing along. Export from Tinderbox, rsync to webserver. Sounds simple enough and actually is, now. But in my setup there where a number of small anoyances along that path that made each change a multi-step hurden. Now that I simply setup a public/private key for ssh authentification, the typing in of my password for each and every step is gone. Now I can put all the various single rsync commands I used to use for each section of the site into one convenient shell-script and simply fire-and-forget.

Making things simpler in such a way gets them done a lot more often...

And it's just the kind of 'sitting down and doing' I was talking about earlier. I knew how to do this in theory. Only I somehow never got around to doing it. I needed to research and try things out. Somehow I was hindering myself all this time instead of simply investing those hew moments it took to actually set it up...


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