Serenity arrived


And Serenity will eventually replace Tranquility. Not as a concept. Serenity is the machine name of my new MacBook white 1.83 dual core intel - thingie. and Tranquility is the name I gave to this TiBook almost two and a half years ago.

Coincidentaly, Serenity has cost me right about the same amount of euros I payed for the used TiBook G4 400MHz back ten, all things considered. And playing around with it is quite the same feeling of awe and a little unfamilarity as back then. And Tranquility was my first Mac and first contact with OS X. Now I will need to a) move my data to Serenity b) decide what to use Tranquility for in the future (she is still in quite good shape) c) get comfortable and familliar with Serenity. The keyboard is one point that is very different. I will not say it is bad, but different. I type quite fast on the TiBook keys... so it will take time to get used to the MacBook keys. Oh and the screen! What a dream. Crystal clear and sharp. It is way smaller than the TiBook, yet I had no problem even with the quite small dialog texts on setup. Loving it already. The mirror effect of it was almost not noticeable in my office light. Oh and the battery life is a real relevation for me... after using the used G4 here for so long. Trabquiliy's batteries might last half an hout at bet of times. Serenity can easily go for 3h and more.

I haven't tried WiFI yet, as my network isn't setup for it currently. But that will come soon.

Oh, and can someone tell me how I can best 'store' this cute Apple remote? I don't see myself using it alot, so chances are it will be 'somewhere' if and when I need it :)


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