painterly virtual reality


A few years ago, when I was very into 3D modeling and things like Bryce, a title like this would have been for a post about new software, or new rendinging techniques and so on. This post is about Second Life and a chance pbservation. Consider the image to the left. This my Sl character Archer Mokeev sitting down in nature for a meditation. It'S a simple screen capture with no post-processing apart from the crop. This isn't photrealism or squeaky clean hyper 3D realism. It's almost painterly. And that's mainly because the grafic card in a MacBook just isn't that cutting egde really. I think it's a very encouraging sign that a something as widely available as Sl (it's free for basic access) has progressed to a point where you can create emotinal rich and expressive images like this 'on the fly'. This ia a snapshot, there was no prior planning or setup, no post processing. Just the eye for a scene...


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