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"If you have a vision, what do you really want the most? The vision to happen, or you to get credit for the idea?" That was part of a conversation I had way back in April at the 'GAME OF NOW" in Amsterdam. I was trying to describe my approach to ideas and ego. Trying to explain something that had happened to me time and time again: I would pitch an idea to team mates or superiors, with usually little impact. But six months later the same people would come along and say: "Listen to this idea I just had..." - You guessed, it was the very idea I had introduced some time ago. Obviously I had some ego-related reactions to this at first. But then the above question somehow popped into my mind.

"What is it you want? Credit or Realisation?" More often than not, it was realisation of the idea I really cared for.

My conversation partner in Amsterdam remarked to this: "You are leading from the inside out, Martin." Yeah, right. Me, a leader ;) There is nothing I see myself less being than a leader. But that maybe exactly the point here. I don't want to lead. I just want stuff to happen.

Tara Hunt's post about ego-less leadership inspired me to write up this post.

Oh, and heck I DO have an EGO, It's big, loud and very self centric. But it also knows what it really wants.


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