Euphoria at 0.9Hz


What might read like a weird title for a new track... might actually be that. But right here I just want to write about a cool little tool I found that creates binaureal tones. These are commonly used for brainwave entrainment. The theory is that if the brain is stimulated with a certain frequency (via sensory input, here audio), it will "entrain" or synchronize with those freqencies. As research has shown, certain states of consciousness (alertness, relaxation, deep sleep etc) have a typical dominant brainwave frequency. As these frequencies are in a range below audible sound (40Hz-0.5Hz), an amplitude modulation of a higher tone is used to create the stimulus.

SBaGen has the nice feature of being able to easily define a time based sequence with a rather powerful yet simple syntax. But you can also simply start it with a one-off set, and vary that to taste and situation.

Here are some example invocations I have been playing with: (standard disclaimer: I take NO responsibility for anything you do with this info or what happens to you or or your pets. USE AT OWN RISK AND DISCRETION.)

A few notes about these examples:


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