Is this something we can afford not to do?


In an article on Second Life Insider titled "Diverse ruminations on human factors in virtual world experiences, not limited to the unexpected value of misconceptions" Tateru Nino talks about the 3+1 base factors that decide on the "is it worth it for me" of doing most anything and being in a virtual world specificaly. The three main visible factors being Novelty, Satisfaction and Friction. Interestingly there is a fourth one added that is usually not seen outright: Misconception, and it is noted that it can well be a positive force.

What really brought me to write about this talk from Life 2.0 is the last sentence, which I've chosen as title for this post... All this talk about cost/effect, "is it worth it" etc... and then the question "can we afford NOT to do it?" I just love it, but then I am an addict if I think about it. addicted to people, comversations, creativity, expression, art, philosophy and fun with friends. Because that is what I get from Second Life anyway. And it may be an excuse that applies to me and not a lot of others, it is something that is hard for me to gain in real life. Going out, travel, social events in the physical world are just not as easy to do for me due to my visual handicap. SL levels a lot of that, and gives me tools to level the difference even more, much like Photoshop and the Mac OSX screen zoom function have allowed me to remain a visual artist even though I have problems drawinf on paper these days...


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