So I have been quiet here. Have you missed me? Here's a run doen and some thought about what I have been and AM up to.

New creative outlet: My creativity has found itself a new medium. After music, I have come to discover Second Life. Yeah, a game, I hear you say. Well SL is actually anything you make it. That's the real power of it. It is utterly and soley formed by what *you* put into it yourself. And aside of that it is very much about people. If I wanted to make veautifuk things in 3D, I could do so on my own, with better software and dar superior results. Doing it in SL has a very strong social effect. It is a forum, a showplace and also a collaborative space. Needless to say that it easily fullfills the needs that a blog might, and surpasses the blog in terms of direct feedback. In SL you directly deal with other (creative) people. In a blog you really never know who is reading and listening. Reactions to a blog are always kind of indirect (and no, I am not adding comments to this blog). What SL does not have compared to the vlog and the web is it's openess and sheer vast reach. Yet I think that matters little, because what really matters is that you get together with interesting people.

So there you go. A typical "why I've been quiet" type post. TO sum it up: lack of time, matters I don't want to blog about and a new channel of expression.

That said, I think I do have one or two posts in my head I would like to write now.


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