a blog is a tool baby, not a guarantee


Here's an interesting post about some publishers who are trying to market books by 'making' the author to blog regularly. I really like the commentary in that post: "I don’t know any successful blogger in the world who takes a few minutes a post.  And it’s not just simply a “post” anyway.

For a blog to be successful it has to have passion, voice, commitment, creativity. It takes a lot for  the writer to bring fresh ideas to a blog on a continuing basis."

At that point I was going: It's TOOL baby, like a typewriter. Owning and using a typewriter has not made any author. and having and feeding a blog has not made any authors or books either. But a blog, like a typewriter makes stuff possible!

More quote: "Blogs don’t sell books when that is their intent.  They sell books as a by-product when we engage the reader and the reader gets to know us. Eventually, in time, over months, we build a relationship."


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