Assosiative Text... the Bernstein way


Is this the lazy web at work? Hardly. But when I was reading Dr. Bernstein's (Eastgate/Tinderbox) blog lately, I felt a strong sense of "way cool, my wish is coming true!"

So what am I talking about? Mark Bernstein writes about something I deeply care for and have been experimenting with for a long time now: Automatically linking related/similar entries in a hypertext (eg a blog):

And looking at the CiteSeer citations for Mark's original paper I must say that I am only recreating a wheel that has been discussed quite thoroughly in the Hypertext research community. Well, I am absolutly no akademic, so most of that seems closed books for me. It's just not my language, although a lot of the ideas make very much sense once I dig into the academic style of these papers :)

Going back into my own past blogging about this topic I found the ideas quite scatteres and obfuscated in the usual blogging style. So I will try to collect and quote the most important ones I find below:


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