another spread


You might have read that between the lines: I'm in a state of flux, of uncertainty. New things coming - ready or not.

So I pulled out my trusty "Bright Idea Deck" and spread out some random cards. This helps me get a clearer picture of what's brewing inside and outside of me.

A card for my present situation: PASSION

Woha. Am I passionate? And if, what for? What's the subject of my (profesional) passion?

A card for the near future: ADVANCEMENT

The image of a bold figure on a Segway crashing trough a fence. "To boldly go where no one has gone before!" "Disregard of boundaries."

That one came up before...

A card for the ideal future: CONFLICT

Ooops? This card is not about war-like conflict, but about the balanced conflict of intellectual concourse. TO have your own opinion and to stand by it.

Yeah, I can see myself there. Successfull blogging is about discussion, and controvery, but in a respectfull and balanced manner. "Agree to disagree" and all that.


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