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So ok. I am a bit quiet of late. Here's why. This DeBabelizing of the profile space is taking form. Which currently means I am fussing about with the extreme verbose-ness of XSLT. Here is how the part will eventually fit together:

PeopleAggregator Profile Import

[Update:] Danny Ayers writes in with the following:

"Warning! FOAF (and RDF/XML in general) is hard to parse/interpret as XML, mostly because the same data can be expressed in many different ways. Personally I\'d go for an existing off-the-shelf parser (I\'ve not got a ref. at hand, but there is now an optimised PHP one) and hook the output of that directly to the merge stage.

Alternately, if you really one to try the XSLT route, there\'s an RDF to triples XSLT over here:"

Thanks Danny! Actually the morphability of RDF and FOAF is a big headache to me, but still one that lies in the future :) I was planning on using a SÜAEQL query to get the FOAF info I need from the files... will keep those points in mind.


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