So there. This is a bojt as mobile as I may get. I now own my very own iPod touch 2G, This is the iPhone that is NOT a phone. What ise would I have of a mobile phone, when it's very rare that I actually move, like in being mobile. And if I I ever do, it's usally far away from any net connectivity, and that would be intentionally so.

To never be tempted to give this little comouter touchpad thingie away (or even SEKK it) I decided to have it engraved with my email address and it's name, "MAchina Ludi." And as quirkyness goes I have an error there: I had it engraved in ALL CAPS, as would be propper for a latin engravement, only the roman alphabet makes no destinction between U and V, so the title of this post would be the 'correct' spelling, But really, this wouldn't be MY iPod if it didn't have a quik or two, yes?

In a coincidence that comes close to synchonicity... a pre xmas gift from downunder arrived here on the very same day the tiny box from apple did:

It seems I'll need to cash out that 99usd/year fee to apple to actually be able to run any self compiled code on my own iPod (if I want to stay 'legal' that is), se we will see how that goes.

What I am missing yet is the headset with mic so that I can use RJDJ :) With that the investment into this little toy will have been well worth all the euros it cost me.

Other first impressions:


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