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So I spent a few days in Trieste with my family and Marc's family. It was great fun to get to know each other on this more personal basis. The trip itself was mixed with some mishaps, an almost car breakdown that turned out to be a blessing and generally... stuff. I'm really not sure how I could write about it all here. Maybe a summary in a few words would be: Although we felt stressed and somethings went not too well at the time,. in hindsight we had a really great time :) You could maybe call it a challenge that worked out really well.

And this trip was special in another way too: it was the first real test for my 'extended family' to do something together (three adults and two kids), to see if we can actually share and enjoy the responsibilities and time together as a larger than normal family. All in all that went very smooth I think. There will always be personal problems, grumpiness, stress related moods... but it's always more important how the family deals with it anyway. We did good there.

So ok, maybe I'll just give a quick list of impressions:

So here it is. The stream of mind Trieste report, one day after. Not structured, but I guess it will make sense to a small number of people. I hope the rest who have read this far got something out of it anyway ;)


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