Papa auch (Bett)?


oh yeah! The power of toddlers to get their papa's to comply with the rythms that have been 'forced' upon them :) Wee Feline (2 1/2) and yours truly are having a 'weekend' while mama and son are 'skiing' in the green. So I get to bring little Feline to bed and all that. Now being a freecyclic sleeper of sorts, the innocent "papa too?" questions can have tremendous impact on my sleep pattern. She loves it when I bring her to bed and snuggle in with her til she is gone. And, well, by that time I might be well gone also. The trick is to actually remember oneself being a free cycle sleeper. Meaning: use the sleep you are getting to get up and work later. And make sure you are fresh when she get's up again by 6am :)


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