Darkness, but slowly

This will eventuall be a CD length audio play. It is set in Games Workshop's Science Fiction setting of Warhammer 40k.

Darkness Preview

play: dark_preview.mp3 (02:02 min, 128kbit/sec)

This is the original track that started me on the road that would eventually be "Darkness, but slowly". and it is a first draft of "The Plains of Agrophilia", a track I have yet to make.

I think this is the track that inspired Vlad Spears to title me as "wicked environmentalist". And Vlad's also to blame for the idea of the "Making Noise with Martin" track(s).


play: Introitus.mp3 (04:59 min, 128kbit/sec)

The zero track, or Introductiong the dramatis persona. An earlier version of this exists, which has only the basic voice recording.

The Arrival

play: TheArrival_v2.mp3 (04:05 min, 128kbit/sec)

A lot of soundFX going on in this one. I will eventually write something about how thoose sounds you hear here came to be. (And what they really are)

There is an earlier version of this track:

play: 01TheArrival.mp3 (04:05 min, 128kbit/sec)

The main difference being that in the above version I re-did the corridor part.

The Plains Of Agrophilia

play: ThePlainsOfAgrophilia.mp3 (06:13 min, 128kbit/sec)

The Plains is a track that has been on the horizon ever since I started on this project more than a year ago with the darkness_preview. That unfinished is the prototype for The Plains, although both sound quite different.

The deadline for my profile slot in "Daevls in the Pale Moonlight" kicked this one off, and I am very happy about that!

Father, I have been dreaming

play: iHaveBeenDreaming.mp3 (06:46 min, 128kbit/sec)

The first track of "Darkness" I had finished. It introduced the idea of doing audio play in the wh40k universe. It was also the testbed for the one-voice-does-all approach to "Darkness". How could I convincingly portrait several different charakters all with just my own voice? Obviously using audio processing (the bad vox line here) helps define the roles...

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