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Used Muse Blues

My friend Horst Lenes from Vienna went and done the thing. He put my silly poem "Used Muse" to guitar. play: UsedMusingsBluesTake2.mp3 (02:47 min, 128kbit/sec)

Used Muse
by Martin Spernau
Last week, I bought me a muse.
She wasn't new, actually rather used.
At that price, what could I lose?
She can do my dishes, I mused.
Or feed the dog and change the fuse.
To that, I thaught, I could get used.
In practice, she was of little use.
Housework, she outright refused!
And last night, she drank all my booze,
Made such a racket, my neighbors sued!
I told her, I set ye loose!
Yet, she sticks to me like glued.
Here I sit now, feeling the blues.
In inspiring that, she is really good.
She and I, we've come to a truce:
I call her Mo, and she calls me Dude.
We'll travel the world, playing blues.
It won't bring fame, but surely buy food.

The Construct

play: TheConstruct.mp3 (02:01 min, 128kbit/sec)

A dark SF 369 story (three scenes of exactly 69 words each). The voice heard here is - as befits the stoty - fully arteficial. Words by M. Pitman.

Tief and Ling

play: TiefAndLing369.mp3 (03:08 min, 128kbit/sec)

A piece of dark erotica writte to the constrained format of the 369 (three scenes if exactly 69 words each). Words by M. Pitman

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