Some time ago I started to produce short pieces of sound that would represent or transport a certain 'emotion'. Usually I would have someone suggest a short phrase that best describes the emotion they'd want to have put to sound.

Atmende Seelen

play: AtmendeSeelen.mp3 (03:57 min, 128kbit/sec)

This D*Emo was produced to the phrase: "Tief berührt sein, Seelen, die sich im Arm halten und zueinander gefunden haben und miteinander atmen..." ("To be touched deeply, Souls tat embrace and breathe together")

It is was suggested by my wife Sandra, and is therefore lovingly dedicated to her.

Friendship across An Ocean Of Hope

play: FriendshipAcrossAnOceanOfHope2.mp3 (04:08 min, 128kbit/sec)

Another D*Emo, I think the title is self descriptive. This track makes great use of the Daevl.plugs suite again. I use those to create a very non repetive ambient backgroud rythm (birds and waves)

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