Ecliptic 1972-B

These are the early days of my audio experiments. I wanted to have a special soundtrack for certain situations in our StarTrack LARP.


play: mindwarp.mp3 (03:43 min, 128kbit/sec)

The orignal thing. I think this might be THE first track I did for real. The joy of Cool edit and some mp3s.

The soundtrack is for a special kind of spaceship drive that is fueld by the psycic power of an alien race.

This track already demonstrates some of my typical sound elements.

Orthan Funeral Dirge

play: OrthanFuneralDirge.mp3 (06:13 min, 128kbit/sec)

This track is an adaption of the base elements of "The Plains Of Agrophilia" as a Funeral Dirge. In out 'Ecliptic' (StarTreck) LARP we had the funeral of our long year Doc T'Real. She was a Vulcan (at least we all knew her as such...) and was kind of a 'mother' to my own character, who is Orthan. No, you have not heard of Orthans before and they are not part of any StarTreck background outside of the Ecliptic LARP.

Orthans have a very peculiar view of self preservation and egoism - in that that they know only the 'group' (Ortha). The words to this track make much more sense if you know the special worldview of Orthans... I may write more about that in the future.

Outro / Requiem

play: outro.mp3 (02:58 min, 44kbit/sec)

This was not originally concieved as an Ecliptic track, but it was then used as one. It was a collaboration between me and Daniel Scherer. We wanted to create a ambient background soundtrack for our games of Inquisitor. It might also be a first hint at was was to come with "Darkness".

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