more restfull sleep by waking better


Polyphasic sleep, polynapping, whatever. All those nethods require you to change your lifestyle in some way.

Here's an article describing a very simple system that improves your sleeping by waking up at the right time: Vincent Cheung: Alarm clocks are bad. How to wake up and feel better.

The general concept is simple and makes perfect sense: How refreshed you feel after any length of sleep has a lot to do with where in your (~90 minute) sleep-cycle you are when waking up. The first two phases of this cycle are 'light sleep'. Waking up during those leaves you refreshed and energetic. Waking up during the 'deep sleep' phases (or being woken) will leave you feely groggy and tired, regardless of how long you have slept.

So the trick to this method is to set things up so yre woken during thelight sleep phases. Vincent Cheung does this by setting two alarms: on early one that plays silent music, loud enough to only wake him if in light sleep, and another, normal one as a safety buzzer.

This system solves another very tricky thing about the 90 minute rule:

This system solves those by giving a grace period with a light alarm over a period of time, so the chances are good you will be woken during light sleep.


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