The Kuleshov Effect


While reading up on machinima and general animation topics I came across the "Kuleshov Effect".

What is it?

Kuleshov Effect: "The name given to the mental tendency of viewers to attempt to figure out how filmed shots fit together, even if the shots are totally unrelated"

Most notably this effect can be used to hint at emotions without actually showing any. It's the context, baby. This effect is very usefull in the machinima genre, as the limitations of the technique (pre-generated character models, no facial animation) make the display of emotions almost impossible per-se.

A good explanation of this effect is found in the article "Understatement and the Kuleshov Effect in Kubrick's 2001

An very good definition of the effect and how it was discoverd can now only be found via the Wayback-Machine ( WORDS OF ART: Kuleshov Effect


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