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I've been following the recent surge in interest in polyphasic sleep. Especially interesting was Steve Pavlina's ongoing experiment. But in my experience you don't have to be all that extreme to benefit from the effects of polyphasic sleep:

One fascinating observation Steve made in his experiment was that the shedule need not be rigid. (sleep 20 min every 4h, do not miss naps and don't shift times.) He could keep a very flexible shedule by simply taking a short nap whenever he 'needed' it. I was coupling this thought with my earlier observations of 'dreaming while awake' and found I could effectively reboot a day that I had started on the wrong foot.

rebooting your day

How often have xou had this happen to you: you get up feeling drowsy and tired, only to be grumpy all day? Getting up on the wrong foot is very common to me, much to my own annoyance and that of my environment.

How often do you sit at your desk and 'nothing goes'? You just can't get yourself to do anything?

I found a short nap could very much reboot those rotten days and give me much more energy to go on with my day. A short nap, sometimes not even really sleeping was all it took to get me up to speed on days I had already written off. I guess it's the REM activity (dreaming/daydreaming) that does it.

This seems very related to the 'take a walk' suggestion. When taking a walk (w/ the dog etc) I usually muse and daydream. I have written about the positive effects on my productivity elsewhere.


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