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Eolake has problems with Tiny print and is looking for suggestions. Well I know that problem very well indeedy... and I recently found something that helps me very much: here in Germany you can buy 'reading glasses' that are actually ONLY a magnifier, no vision correction at all. My dear aussie visitor got me the stronges there are at 3.5x magnification. They are almoast too strong actually for the book I am currently reading - Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things - which has relatively normal sized print. One issue I face though is that due to the magnification the field of vision on a page get's quite reduced. It's not such a big deal for me - as I am narrow sighted anyway (slightly downplaying it, am I now hehehehe) but I guess for people who are used to seeing a whole bookpage in one glance it would be an major issue. Me? I think I'll get myself an extra set with lower magnification, so that I can choose the strength according to the book I'm reading. Looking forward to reading those small print paperback for sure :)


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