I am narrow sighted


I was born that way. And this is not a confession of a deficit. It's a realisation. And an explanation of what has made me as mentaly flexible as I am.

Recently I was finding myself in the need to (again) explain how I could be legaly blind and still do design work. You see, I do see. And rather well at that, all things considered. It's really not a problem about how well I see, but about how much. I was born with tunnel vision. Where normal people have a field of vision of about 180° to the side... I was recently measured at an effective field of view below 5°. That's what severly hinders my mobility, also impacted with very poor low-light vision. And that grants me the legal status of 'blind'.

So one can safely say that I am, after all, narrow sighted. That I am naturally so. Maybe that's why I never really had a problem with focus. I have natural focus! And it also explains why I have always been so interested in opening up viewpoints. Single view and tight focus is what I naturally have. I don't need to achieve that.

Mental narrow sightedness is something only very few people would assosciate with me. I think I can say that being open minded and flexible has always a defining characteristic for me.


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