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The 'danger' of knowing what lights your fire
(Monday 4th October 2004)

Ok, all this PassionCore work I've done lately and some of my own things have had a very unexpected and profound impact on my life.

I simply stopped caring about all this web-tech/blogging/client stuff and started building paper airplanes like a little kid. Ok I was doing it in a very scientific way, but still. Usually this would be a situation where each and every alarm bell should have been ringing in my head! "You're not making money! How is this supposed to pay your bills?" etc etc blah blah.

Tell you what: I've had a terrific time! And I've had some very cool ideas and the right mindset to actually explore them! I was so exausted from 'making money' that my brain simply didn't seem to work anymore. Now it has newfound energy, and I can actually take a new interest in things again! How cool is that?

And finding something new to do was exactly what I had been thinking and dreaming about these last years constantly. Only my mind was so blocked I couldn't think of anything. 'Nah that won't work' 'Others have tried and failed'... you know the drill. But now I'm blasting away at new roads and actually having fun at it for a change. I'm not (yet) making money but I also don't really care: once you loose the angst about money, you become free to find and actually try some novel ways. And they will earn me some income!

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