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(Tuesday 24th August 2004)

All writers are responsible for their own experience. "The client won't let me" doesn't cut it.

The thing to do is only work with people whose vision and character excites you. The only way to do that is to have vision and character yourself.

Wow. In a way 'my thought exactly'. I too was recently faced with a descision along those lines... take any job and work overtime or take only the good joby, earn less but have potential to develop, to grow.

And now I'm on the verge of finding a completly new (different?) venue of income... And again the descision seems to be: quit the old now and be free to search, or take all that is still to be gotten and loose the little time I have until 'the old' is dead and cold.

Anyone who know's me a little should be clear that I tend towards 'free' and that I have been 'taking no shit - not even for money' in the last year. It was a long path to get there, and I'm not planning on leaving it

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