As I am slowly building my way into the vocation of being a 'Coach' to others, I keep asking myself this question: Why me?

It's not the usual 'why me?' question one might ask feeling somewhat victimized. It's rather: why would anybody ask me to be his/her coach? What makes me qualified to tell someone else how to better go about things?

Well for one there's all this information about these things I have soaked up in the past. Books, workshops, websites... But I keep thinking: hey, anybody could have read that themselves! Especially in case of online material, I seldom see the benefit of my person in this. Ok, there's the habit of finding and reading that stuff, but anybody interested in the topic can do that also.

So then, where do I see myself come into this? What makes me so special?

For one, I actually enjoy this kind of thing. I like thinking about passion, career fullfillment and one's 'place in life'.

And then I realize every so often when talking to people that there really is a difference between 'anybody could' and 'anybody will'. Just because the information is availeable to anyone is in no way any indication that anybody will actually read and understand it. And also I must learn over and over again: just because it is easy to me, there will always be those to whom it will be gibberish. Just like there are enough things I will maybe never grasp but which are 'common knowledge' to others.

And also: Just because it comes natural to me, can that be a reason to not do it? Why do we always believe a vocation needs to be something we have to work hard for?


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