Is there money in reading?


So, watching myself these last days, I was thinking... I hardly seem to be able to get myself to be enthusiastic about anything that has to do with working. I mean actual honest sit down and code kind of work. I usually sat down to start doing things, and all that came of it was yet another session of reading interesting stuff on the web. Now being self-employed and all, there's actually some self questioning being called for here:

Okay, that first one is easy. No one I know really wants to work... Do thingsa, ok, but real hard work? Most of us would rather read a book or go swimming if they could get away with it.

And that's exactly my point here: Can I find a way to get through live preferring and mainly choosing leisurly activeties over 'hard work'. And I'm not talking about my own person alone here. I have family to feed and a rather high standard of living as is, both of which I'm not planning to neglect!

So what I'm asking myself these days is: can I find a way to do what I do anyway and still make money from it? Basic answer for anybody in our busyness is a solid yes for this one. Arn't we all basically doing what we love for a living?


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