GTD downhill


Do you feel that the act of getting things done sometimes is a an uphill battle? That it takes enormous effort to get it done, more than simply not doing the things?

I just realized that this notion was one thing driving my procrastination. It felt constantly uphill, where it would have been more natural to let things roll, going the way of least resistance. For me this mental picture became so strong at times that it was almost physically noticeable, a force pulling me away from the things I really wanted to do.

Where did this 'uphill' notion come from? Analysing my thought patterns showed me something really interesting: it was my will to 'achieve a higher leve' by GTD. To uplift myself. Consequently the path there was uphill. So actually my high notion and esteem I had of this path was turning into a mental block!

But just as that was a mental picture of my life, I can easily find a new picture, a better and EASIER one.

How's this: working to get things done is really more a downhill motion. I reduce the pile I am standing on and thereby gain motion and energy. Now I am moving downwards and in a more natural enthropic way. A simple shift of views.


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