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statistically blind
(Thursday 23rd December 2004)

uhm, pun intended.
What I mean by that title is blind for my stats... Due to a change in the way my logfiles rotate (no longer daily but only on demand), my simple referer tracking tools is all but useless now. I haven't found the time and inclination to fix that... Together with the disabling of comments on this blog, I currently feel rather 'blind' in terms of feedback. Referer stats and comments at leat give a little indication of how people react to what I write here, and when I began with weblogging the reading of stats was one of my main secret weapons in knowing about the blogiverse around me...

There's a point to this post, I'm just not too sure what it is. It could mean I no longer (or currently) care enough to analyse my stats.
On the other hand, writing this here also means I care enough to notice the lack of awareness I have of my blogiverse...

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