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crossposting in multiple blogs
(Thursday 23rd December 2004)

I'm more and more leaning towards doing purly topical weblogs. 'Sender Traumwind' is onesizefitsall kind of notepad. But I'm working on several ideas trhat will eventually be put together as eBooks. I'd like to use a weblog for each to develope the ideas and build a general awareness of the topic. Only thing is I also want to benefit of the awareness people have of this blog here. If I start posting my more involved thoughts somewhere else, I'm not sure if the readers will be noticing it. So what I'm planning to do is include links-with-blurbs here pointing to the full entries somewhere else. Using categories would have been one solution, but those post will be more like small essays and not really fit here well.
As I'm writing those things in Tinderbox (what else?) maybe I can easily automate this process... We'll see. Depends on my time and inclination towards coding tasks in the future ;)

Some of what I mean is already happening over at Tindertraum

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