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I'm feed up of it
(Friday 7th February 2003)

Who said truncating your postings for syndication was a good idea? Go find and flog him.

Some people might read your feed just because it's the only sensible way for them. You don't want to have large fonts and easyontheeye layout? Well, them make your post availeable in anotjer format and keep your designer-ego.

No honestly, I have a about one month cycle of including certain people into my subscriptions list, and then realizing again why I kicked the feeds out again a month or so ago. Truncated postings.

If I could easily read your original page, I wouldn't read your feed anyway! So don't force me to read the full posts 'online' thank you.

wasn't there some kind of screen-scaper stuff in my project list, hmmmmm

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