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Sorting subscriptions
(Monday 14th July 2003)

While I find the idea of an incubator category/folder nice, what I need even more dearly is a folder with 'feeds' I have already tried and decided NOT to follow, along with a short note of why I decided so. Some feeds just don't cut it for me in the long run and I drop them, no problem. But ever so often I hit a blog I would love to follow in my aggregator, but can't for some reason (truncated feeds is the biggest reason)... So I drop the feed from my shedule and forget why. And a few weeks later I got through the same process aginb, round and round the loop.
Now it wouldn't make sense to simply subscribe to such a feed and put it in some extra folder, from the bandwidth point of view. Better would be to put it in a folder and mark it 'no update for reason xy'... I guess I can do that already...

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