Psion Scripting Links

Linux and Psion HOWTO by Hans Kugler has some very useful links,
including B-Prolog for Psion
Perl 5
Olaf Flebbe:
Perl 5.6.1 for the EPOC OS: Psion 5, Psion 5mx, Psion Revo, Ericsson MC 218. Very complete, it even has functional sockets
Source included as diff to full source.
author also has How-To for compiling EPOC apps under Linux (
sadly Perl is a little large for standard Serie 5 (8MB RAM)...
there are 2 ports of Python 1.52 (I know of). Both are based on Duncan Both's code. Duncan's version is more interesting, as it gives control over the console via the eterm module. Also a way to bind external dll's as mods
No source-code, although I guess the author will supply if asked.
Otfried Cheong:
Duncan Booth:
There's a third port of Python to the Epoc platform! MoPy : Python for Psion 5/5mx/Revo And this one even supports sockets, threads and stuff.
this has apperently moved to SourceForge: and O.Flebbe seems to be involved...
REBOL! has announced support for the Psion, but no releases yet.
Source? Hey, REBOL is free, not open!
Glenn Strong : Epoc Hugs: Port of Hugs to EPOC (haskell interpreter)
freEPOC: Reuben Thomas Lua is a splendid extensible embeddable language. It's simple, powerful, fast, and easy to extend and embed. Since it's written in pure ANSI C, it's highly portable.

The version avileable on freEPOC has bindings to OPL and C++, which makes it mega interesting for GUI-programming on EPOC...
EiC and bzip2 ports to the Psion 5 EPOC32
The embeddable/extensible interactive, pointer-safe, bytecode C interpreter/compiler
Let's not forget that the EPOC plattform already has scripting built-in: OPL32. It is basic-like, and has all the hooks to the OS and gui ou could want.
Only OPL is not a very NICE language...
Linux 7k
Yes, Linux. Goodby EPOC. They have almost anything you can run in text-mode, no gui, mind. Not really stable. Only recomended with more than 32 MB of extra storage

What I am looking for: A scripting env. WITH access to a gui-lib to build powerfull and flexible applications for writing and CMS (sort of 'manila-in-your-pocket')

Pointers welcome!

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