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Why do things get messy?
(Tuesday 31st May 2005)

In my current project - building a collaborative filtering dunction based on user-clicktracks - I had a nice, simple and clean proof-of-concept code-base. Now two things happened: I switched to data-storage in a /My)SQL DB, and added some client wamted features. And all of a sudden I am faced with a pile of stinking code-spagetti... No it's not really that bad, but my own tastes are such that I really dislike what I'm surrently coding together. I desperatly want to reduce the complexety again, but am 'struggeling' to get the basic unctionality working... I guess I need to come back later and see if this can be cleaned up. I hope I find the time for that. My motto isn't just a motto afer all: "-- traumwind: making complex things simple --"

[update] after writing this done and walking the dog, I sat back down and suddently noticed that a lot of the muddle in the code was due to a unhappy choice of when to do what. Changing things around only slightly cleared up a lot of the confusing code flow. And funnily this clearer code now uses almost the exact same lines of code, only arranged in another sequence...

Looking back I see that my my confuddled code reflected my confuddled state of mind on that day. So now I hvae a nice piece of code, but the feeling of unease still lingers, although it's not any longer grounded in reality. I was preparing for some very hard thinking and problem solving when a simple change of sequence was all that was needed. But somehow my mind is still geared up for that 'dreaded task'...

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