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elance.com vs. RentACoder
(Friday 25th March 2005)

spurred by a post by Seth Godin, I registered at elance.com. It's free. But just now I wanted to bid for a project I'd love to work on to notice that I need to give them minimum $30 a month to even bid!

RentACoder looks nicer in that aspect:

To pay for this service, Rent a Coder charges coders a 15% Rent a Coder Fee on the profit from work and questions. So if you don't find work...we don't get paid.

Also the RentACoder website looks far more informative and helpfull. I found an answer to my question riight away, while on elance.com I needed to actually try to bid to be sure how it would work and what it would cost. Oh, the info is there too. But buried and confusing...

elance.com only takes 8.5% from your earnings... but they have this basic fee... [thx to Rick and Feedster]

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