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Moving to something different
(Thursday 15th July 2004)

I know, I know... I've been hinting and teasing for some very long time, and haven't fullfilled my own prphecies in any meaningfull way.

But still, I feel I am moving onwards to new frontiers in a way. While my tech-blogging of the last months seem more and more to be an artefact of extreme boredom, I can hardly find the nerve these days to actually post about things that used to be of interest to me. Oh, I'm still reading From time to time...

Maybe I'm currently just too full. Maybe it's time I reversed the flow of information. But the weblog media seems to have a special kind of inertia. Once you leave the topics your readers came to you for, you need to aquire new readers first. Those you had will not (automatically) follow.

And especially for me this seems like a difficult phase of transition. I'm not only changing my topic, but also my voice, my choosen language of writing and the place. And I'm not sure I really want to change 'communities' because of it.

There's lots of 'friends' over here - readers I know of, who's blogs I read myself. Only very few of whom will follow a language transition. So for those I guess I will more or less 'disappear' from the scene. Go silent.

Some might actually welcome a language transition... but for most of those I know, the topic transition will be killer ;)

So here I am, just thinking out loud. It has to do with bearking ties and networks, be they as weak and small as they are. It also has to do with 'Return of Investment'. All the work that has gone into this here... The 'name' I have made myself... (ha!)

So I guess this blog here might simply stay around but suffer of lack of focus for a while... I'm not sure I can bring the new stuff into here, I guess it will be better to give it a new home somewhere...

And if you thought the Tindertraum is what I'm talking about, think again. That's just more of the same, in a different form, using different tools.

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