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Tinderbox and Images
(Wednesday 7th April 2004)

yesterday night and today solved some Tinderbox mysteries for me. I was having problems getting images into my TB notes.
With the help of Alwin and Mark Bernstein I seem to have sorted it out.
I initially couldn't get any images into TB. Turns out I was simply using the wrong tools. Tinderbox will happily accept images from any app that places a PICT image on the clipboard. It seems TextEdit (RTF) does not do that. Also I coudn't copy and paste from iPhoto. Whole I could copy and paste thumbnails from iPhoto into a TextEdit doc, this never worked on TB. Using Quicksilvers 'clipboard history' the mystery was quickly solved: there was no PICT on the clipboard.

So that leaves me with the quest for a good way to preview whole folders of images and then get selected ones into Tinderbox. I'm sure I will sort it out now that I know what I'm looking for. And Mark also reminded me that it might not be so very wise to embed largish images (or many) into TB itself, but rather use references. (Images slow down TB's XML parser considerably)

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