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displacing the PC
(Saturday 27th March 2004)

Today I solved a long running gripe I had with my workplace situation in my Office at home.

You see I now have this here TiBook, but somehow I was only sing it in places where the desktop (a win2k PC) couldn't go... like on the sofa etc.
But that also means I'm using the far superior OSX machine only for tasks where I'm in a contemplative mood, like writing personal things in Tinderbox etc.
But all the tasks that need more concenrtation on what's happening onscreen - like coding, designing etc. - are not really suited for a sofa...

Now one reason this situation came along is the fact that my home-office has exactly one place where I can comfortably sit. The desk there is occupied by a very large 19" Eizo CRT. My laptop is usually confined to a sidboard kind of place, where I can not stretch my legs under the table...

So today I Ithought this situqation needed changing. While the CRT can't move anywhere else - it's that large that this spot on my desk is the only one tht will accomodate it's full depth. The I noticed that my PowerBook might actually comfortably sit in front of that CRT where the PC keyboard usually sits. problem solved!

So what is the point blogging about this? (What is the point blogging about anything *g*)

Which of the availeable Computers one uses depends on how comfortable one can work on it as much as on the features/power it has.

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