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does it apply to us?
(Sunday 9th February 2003)

One question that came to my mind when reading Clay Shirky's essay was: 'And who will these main-stream bloggers get their info from?'

Well, if they can't any longer read news and answer their email due to mainstream overload, I guess they in turn will be relying on input from other, smaller 'blogs'. Jon Udell is a very positive example of that. He has a very prolific blog, but also reads a great many smaller ones (and openly promotes his subscription list etc.). And although he mostly links his source, I doubt very many of his reader will visit those very often. (I know I don't).

So there we have a mainstream blog that gathers all the traffic, but itself relies in part on the smaller ones that get very little traffic themselves.

And then, do we really _want_ that much traffic? Some of us pay for their bandwidth...

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