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how to write unmaintaineable code
(Friday 11th October 2002)

field-excursion day 11. Declare each variable five times in each bit of code, and nake sure the code won't work (in a non-obvious way) if one of the declarations is missing. Bonus-points: write wrapper functions to do the declarations that take as arguments the (slightly altered) variable names to be declared. Find some creative way to build same variable names on the fly from yet another list of variable name components, whereby cunningly altering the sequence of named parts in the argumnent lists.

Can you tell what role I'm playing in this? 100 point to anyone who said 'maintainer'

how to maintain unwriteable code
Curently I'm writing obfuscated Perl code to analyse unmaintainable PHP code. Go figure.

In his unchecked youthfull selfoverestimation, Mr. Fink thinks I'm referring to his code, which I am not. Your code is seldom bloated and can be maintained rather well (by me), as we wrote most of that together anyway. Believe me, these guys can teach us all yet.

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