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fighting for your right
(Wednesday 18th September 2002)

is not what I normally do.

I usually choose my relations in a way that prevents fights in the first place.

But I'm currently fighting a small pissing contest for my wife over a piece of kitchen gear bought on ebay for 18,-EUR that arrived broken and unuseable.

Tell you I know now better than ever why I usually just leave shitheads be what they choose to be in their miserable lives.

It takes strength and a real lot of time to stay polite and clear in those kinds of argumments. No use in throwing more shit than the other side.

You might say 18,- EUR is not worth any kind of emotional involvement, and I'd heartily agree. But there are times when you are totally 'in the right' and someone tries to turn it to your fault, and finishes that off with some very whitty comments about trolls and monsters.

No sorry Mr. Smartass. Picked the wrong guy this time.

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