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There's a new development in my work/life situation. I seem to be constantly trying out new things :)

This new arrangement is a radical move away from the work-at-home myth - in which I don't believe anyway. So now I have this nice office-space where I can work totally undisturbed. But what makes this a special arrangement is that Sandra and I have agreed to split the week. That is, I will be staying here in my Studio for maybe half a week a time, working, eating and sleeping here. That way I can totally concentrate as long as I need and also unwind etc all in my own rythm and shedule. And when I go home, I will be home. Only minimal computer time, no work. Only father, husband and friend.

It does have the feeling of an ideal combination - best of both worlds and all that. It required some deep insights into the whole partnership thing. It's not romatic disillusionenment to say that sticking together 24/7 can do disasters to a partnership. Most couples do have at least one partner out of house most of the day. Not us in the last years.

So now here I am spending the first few days all to myself in my Studio. The first day was mostly setting up my kit, getting a feel for where everything is. I have no net access here yet, so the isolation is very pronounced. The first day was a fight with anxiety mostly. But yesterday I started coding again in earnest, and I also re-discovered the power of music. Luckily I found an old DVD-R a friend had forgotten at my place some years(?!) ago. Alternative rock videos. What power :)

Now that I'm writing this I am starting my third day here, feeling very much more at peace. And tomorrow is when I go home again, to celebrate my 36th birthday with a lot of friends and family. And to re-connect with the world at large (cyberspace).

If you think along the lines of a velocity based mindset ("how fast are you moving?" - as opposed to "where are you?"), it feels I am very much moving right now. And even should this experiment here turn out to be a short straw, well we tried and that counts.

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