Mitch on disposable words


My friend Mitch, who is just now discovering the read/write aspect of weblogs, has a nice thoughtful piece about the explosion of words through blogs. What I find amusing and very interesting is the periodic nature of these thoughts.

Having blogged for some years now (I stopped counting) I have seen - and had - these kinds of thoughts over and over again. Somehow we tend to forget that thoughts and ideas, once uttered. have a tendency to not stay uttered, but to re-appear. Somethings are so important or obvious, that others will also discover them and write about them in their own time. Just because we - jaded oldtimers we might be (haha) - already had them on our blogs two years ago does not mean they are known to the world at large now. The scroll-off-page nature of blogging practically breeds this kind of repeativness of ideas. Readers and writers new to our corner of cyberspace will not go back to read all those old posts just to see if an idea was there already. Sometimes we even forget ourselves. And why shouldn't we repeat? Ideas sometimes even need to be repeated, polished, refined. And refound. As long as we can keep adding new twists, and not simply retell old yabber. I think that's perfectly ok.


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