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My second retreat into the isolation of my Studio is almost ending (I'm going back home today after another three days here). I got the letter from T-COM today finally stating they are working on my DSL connceting. The nominal date of that happening would be the 29th of MAy. But it can well take a week or so longer they tell me. So here I am, working offline and in isolation for as lomg as it is sensible, and going back home to synch with the team SVN and download stuff I need to go on. It is, again, a different kind of workflow. I am quite proud of my own ability to qork inspite of these difficulties. It takes some thought and planning, but it always astounds me what the human mind can come up with if it is asked to ndeal with limitations. Oh, that reminds me: go read my guest post on Wrestling The Angel titled "Limitation as a creative tool" if you haven't already. There's a nice blogging-story about this post, but that's for another entry.


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