how much is 56k analog dial-up really?


Just a few days short of finally having a decent DSL line here in the Studio... I fell for trying out the almost forgotten internal 56k analog modem in my TiBook. What can I say?! I'm online! And the "speed" is not soooo bad when compared to the 64k ISDN line I have at home. Ok, ISDN can use two channels at once, which gives a theoretical 128k. But that is then also double the cost-per-minute (two lines), so you don't use it if you can avoid it. So jey, I'm surfing and emailing at least. And man! Will I miss the "tweep-sqeeeech" it does when dialing in. I really missed that when switching to ISDN...

Oh my... I just realized that this modem cable I use will completly kill my phone while it is plugged in. So now I was able to go online anytime, but no one could reach me on the phone :)

Ah well... only another few days of this anyway :)


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