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I've been packaging old memories again. A lot of "valuable" stuff.

But how valuable will this stuff be when it comes out of storage again? Ok, that roleplaying material is already dated today. There's 2nd and 3rd editiona of most of the White Wolf stuff I'm packing. And the condition isn't exactly "mint" either, so collector's value is out. For whom then is this stuff valuable? Just because it cost a bunch of money dosn't make it valuable. Memories?

It got me started thinking about the "value" of stuff like this. Just because there's newer, cooler games around, does that mean my stuff is not of any use? I like to visualize myself - or my kids - with this stuff in 20 years time. Qill pen & paper RPG's even be a concept then? Maybe that's what I'm saving this stuff for. It sure as hell is the reason I'm so obsessed with keeping the right stuff together. No use having source books w/o the basic rules etc.

One things for sure: This stuff will be of more value and use in 20 years time than the PC game CD's I'll be sorting next. Those are either played now or never again. Play as long as you have the hardware to run it on. That won't happen with books for sure :)


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