Life As A Wave: a book in 45 days


My friend Carl over at UntappedGenius has embarked on a very brave expedition. He has set out to write a book in 45 days. And it is not just any book. This is about a topic that has been very dear to him for most of his adult life. A theory or worldview he has been refining for quite some years now. And has already succesfully applied to many a coaching session too, helping numerous people get a grip on their life and career.

It is interesting to watch this puppy flow out of his mind into the blog he set up to contain The Book. He is not writing it in any sequential order, but piece by piece, staring from whereever his mind takes him first. The key is to 'get it out there'. Go read the draft as it evolves, it will be free in blog form, but there will also be a complete package. I think it might also be availeable as a printed book, certainly as an e-book. Oh, and did I mention that Carl invites you to take the topics and discuss them in the comments or even the dedicated UntapedGenius board?


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