raindrops keep on falling on my bed


Oh boo. This is getting serious. What started as a few drops from my celing has drawn out for over two weeks now and became a rush of water yesterday. So we (landlord and me) finally managed to get the comany to get their act together and drill holes and monitor etc. Thing is they need access to the appartments above me to do this at all. We managed to get one of my neighbours after work yesterday evening, but it turns out is probably not from her appartment. So now the (new) hunt for the OTHER neighbour starts. All the while my celing dripps whenever something we can't yet define is happening. It is not constant, so it is likely it is tied to what my neighbour (or the one above him etc) does or doesn't do.

My biggest problem with all this is that it totally fuzzes with my sleep cycle. I am currently trying hard to adapt to the normal day cycle of all the people around me, but having little success. Five AM is basic late bed-time for me right now. So phoning people at eight Am is kind of an excercise of staying functional in a state of coma right now :)

Oh, I am such a poor cave dwelling bat!


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